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First Post . . . Welcome

Hi and Welcome to my little Blog, Live, Love, Read!

I have had an obsession with books and all my life. Everything from Shakespeare to Helen Fielding, to J. K. Rowling and H. P. Lovecraft, and beyond, has graced my bookshelves. I love the escapism, which accompanies the world, of literature. Who wouldn’t love to step through a wardrobe and find themselves in another world? Or, would love to experience Alice’s adventures first-hand?

The literary world, however, doesn’t solely consist of the magical and the fantastic. Literature provides us as readers, scope to explore the pervading darkness which frames our existence as human beings. The cliché of ‘big brother’ society and the prominence of dystopian fiction could be deemed to demonstrate this.

There is a certain power to be asserted regarding the connection of literature and societal or cultural norms. During the next few posts I intend to reflect upon the works, Dietland, by Sarai Walker, and Jenefer Shute’s Life-Size. Both of these narratives are works of fiction (and very much worth a read!), yet, thematically, deal with real, contemporary issues.

That’s all for now . . . stay tuned for further developments.


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